Measurement of Human Development

29 October 2020 | Jeroen Smits, Professor of Economic and Human Development and Director of the Global Data Lab at Radboud University; Iñaki Permanyer, Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow at the Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics

In most societies worldwide, gender inequality is widespread, with males better positioned in social, economic, and political hierarchies.

20 October 2020 | Yanchun Zhang, Chief Statistician, UNDP

This year’s World Statistics Day celebration has an added significance for UNDP: 2020 also marks the 30th Anniversary of the first Human Developmen

The choice of a theme for this report has been determined by the country’s immediate challenge: reducing regional disparities and achieving a balanced regional development.

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15 March 2016 | HDRO Research Team

The Human Development Report, 2015 highlights a contradiction: it is care work mostly undertaken by women - that makes possible much of the paid w

19 March 2014 | Khalid Malik

Few, if any, statistical constructs have had a greater influence on the modern world than Gross Domestic Product (GDP).