Environment and Human Development in Namibia


The report provides a comprehensive review of the level of human development and poverty in Namibia, finding that eight years after independence, Namibia remains a country of extreme inequalities and low human development for the majority of its people. The analysis includes an assessment of the impact of HIV/AIDS on human welfare, the economy and the population structure of Namibia. The specific focus of this year's report is environmental problems and the limits this places on sustainable development in the country. Namibia's economy is dependent on its natural resources and environment, fishing, tourism and mining are the mainstays of this economy - all three sectors are environmentally sensitive. The Report devotes much attention to issues of agriculture, land use, water and sustainable development and also highlights the environmental challenges of the communal areas which are putting pressure on the ecological balance in some regions.

Principal Contributors: Stephen Adei - CoordinatorRob BlackiePeter TarrMark Robertson
Human Development (General)