Dashboard 5: Socioeconomic sustainability

Dashboard 5: Socioeconomic sustainability, contains a selection of 12 indicators that cover economic and social sustainability. The six economic sustainability indicators are: adjusted net savings, total debt service, gross capital formation, skilled labour force, diversity of exports and expenditure on research and development. The six indicators on social sustainability are old-age dependency ratio, military expenditure, ratio of education and health expenditure to military expenditure, change in overall loss in HDI value due to inequality, change in Gender Inequality Index value and change in income share of the poorest 40 percent. Based on the performance on each indicator, countries are divided into three groups of approximately equal sizes (terciles) – the top third, the middle third and the bottom third. Three-colour coding visualizes a partial grouping of countries by indicator. It can be seen as a simple visualization tool as it helps the users to immediately picture the country’s performance. Cut-off values that are defined by terciles of distribution of each indicator are given in Technical note 6.