Human Development Report 2019

Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today:

Inequalities in human development in the 21st century

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The demonstrations sweeping across the world today signal that, despite unprecedented progress against poverty, hunger and disease, many societies are not working as they should. The connecting thread, is inequality.

Just as the gap in basic living standards is narrowing for millions of people, the necessities to thrive have evolved. A new generation of inequalities is opening up, around education, and around technology and climate change -- two seismic shifts that, unchecked, could trigger a ‘new great divergence’ in society of the kind not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

In countries with very high human development, for example, subscriptions to fixed broadband are growing 15 times faster and the proportion of adults with tertiary education is growing more than six times faster than in countries with low human development.

The report analyzes inequality in three steps: beyond income, beyond averages, and beyond today and proposes a battery of policy options to tackle it.

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Achim Steiner, Administrator, UNDP

Pedro Conceição, Director, Human Development Report Office, UNDP

Tharman Shanmugaratnam (Co-Chair of the HDR 2019 Advisory Board), Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies, Singapore

Laura Chinchilla Miranda (Member of the HDR 2019 Advisory Board), President of Costa Rica (2010-2014) and Vice President of the World Leadership Alliance - Club de Madrid

Thomas Piketty (Co-Chair of the HDR 2019 Advisory Board), Professor at the Paris School of Economics and the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences; and Co-Director of the World Inequality Lab